Center for Educational Justice

The Center for Education Justice (CEJ) was formed in 2006, through the University of Redlands School of Education to strengthen and promote equity and justice in society generally and education specifically.

CEJ accomplishes its mission through strategic Support, Advocacy, and Sponsorship of justice-related activities and initiatives. The CEJ also supports research-based initiatives to provide local, regional, and national leadership guidance on the topics of educational policy and practice.


Webinar: Critical Race Theory: What, Why, and How?

Watch here.

Password: 3RmY2HdR

Recorded on Thursday, September 23, 2021


Center for Educational Justice Leadership


Dr. Jose Lalas, Co-Director

The founding director of the CEJ in 2006, Dr. Lalas focuses on K-12 issues of equity and justice. Dr. Lalas leads the annual summer institute, facilitates and convenes dialogues and webinars that engage our K-12 partners, and writes on educational justice topics. These efforts continue to engage and network the CEJ to community partners.

For more information about K-12 equity and justice initiatives please email Dr. Heidi Strikwerda at

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Dr. Mario C. Martinez, Co-Director 

Dean Martinez supports CEJ scholarly and professional development initiatives in K-12, higher education, and counseling. These efforts mobilize internal faculty expertise across the school of education to address issues of justice and equity.

For more information about scholarly and professional development initiatives please email Heather Lambeth at

Center for Educational Justice Initiatives 

K-12 Equity and Justice Initiatives

Supported by Dr. Jose Lalas, CEJ Co-Director


Special Critical Topics Webinar Series

Webinar: Critical Race Theory: What, Why, and How?

 Watch here.  Password: 3RmY2HdR  Recorded Thurs, September 23, 2021




Annual CEJ Conference

An annual summer event, now in its 17th year, is a featured platform to advance dialogue, networking, and conversation around issues of justice and equity.

17th Annual Center for Educational Justice Conference:


Video - Superintendents' Forum

Moving Forward Webinar Series

Moving Forward Webinar Series: Equity, Safety, and Learning Acceleration

The CEJ "Moving Foward" Webinar Series offer K-16 educators relevant and timely information through the critical discussions our panelists engaged in pertaining to educational equity, safety, and how we can best meet the diverse needs of our students during distance learning.

Webinar 1

October 29, 2020

Addressing Learning Loss Through Meaning Making and Equity Across Content Areas in Distance Learning.

View Recorded Session here

Password: ZpbJc3Fp


Webinar 2

November 12, 2020

Navigating the Politics of Educational Equity, School Safety, and Learning Acceleration in Virtual Contexts

View Recorded Session here

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Webinar 3

November 19, 2020

Safety in Schools and Communities in Unprecedented Times

View Recorded Session here

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Covid-19 Webinar Series

COVID-19 Webinar Series

Sponsored by the Center for Educational Justice

Facilitated by Dr. Jose Lalas, director of the Center for Educational Justice, University of Redlands

Click here to view the full brochure.

Date Topic Password
May 28, 2020

Secondary ELA/ELD

View Recorded Session 1

Password: PgnPrZC8

May 29, 2020

Equitable Policies and Practices

View Recorded Session 2

Password: pBapPN6W

June 4, 2020

Engaging students in High School Math via Distance Learning

View Recorded Session 3

Password: jHXkYJa8

June 5, 2020

Developing Distance Learning Content

View Recorded Session 4

Password: tKjPnx87

June 11, 2020

Engaging students in Science via Distance Learning

View Recorded Session 5

Password: pNkp8Pmt

June 12, 2020

Elementary Principal

View Recorded Session 6

Password: hGNueTb5

June 18, 2020

History/Social Sciences

View Recorded Session 7

Password: pWfy45Hg

June 19, 2020

Special Education

View Recorded Session 8

Password: 3Mvmrh9a

June 25, 2020

Reopening Schools

View Recorded Session 9

Password: iJEDVTF6

June 26, 2020

Understanding and Confronting Anti-Black Racism

CEJ Recorded Session 10

Password: UmxTDKP2


Scholarly and Professional Development Initiatives

Supported by Dr. Mario C. Martinez, CEJ Co-Director


The Race in Education Analytics Learning (REAL) Lab: Understanding the Role of Race in Education

The REAL Lab engages students in:

  • Accessing data to critically examine the role of race in education systems, policies, and practices
  • Data-informed advocacy and change efforts across the K-20 continuum

In the REAL Lab, Latinx and Black students:

  • Conduct and participate in quantitative and mixed methods research projects
  • Participate in hands-on workshops using analytic tools
  • Reflect on how their own racial identities shape their experiences through affinity groups

Learn more about the REAL Lab here.


Inland Empire Educators for Social Justice - IEESJ

Inland Empire Educators for Social Justice

The Inland Empire Educators for Social Justice is a grassroots organization that is committed to creating just, democratic, and anti-racist schools and communities. We are comprised of local administrators, teachers, university faculty, activists and guardians. We collaborate with schools and community-based organizations to help facilitate anti-racist conversations, develop anti-racist curricula, and co-create spaces for courageous conversations related to bringing more justice and democracy to schools and communities. 

Learn more about IEESJ here.